Grand total

Gotta love ringing in the New Year sick in bed.  Yep,  the glorious flu has reached our house (just me,  so far.  Hopefully the boy can outrun it).   Mucinex and NyQuil replaced my usual beer and wine for the night.  Not nearly as much fun,  I might add.

Here are a few pics from the holidays and the weekend before the flu bug bit me.


The gingerbread house that my mom wanted to burn down on several occasions.  It eventually stayed together after they used toxic epoxy glue on it.  I made little candy people to represent everyone in our family.  I was pretty proud of those people!!


The boy and his 5 lb candy bar.   Should be interesting to see how long it takes him to eat it all.


My best buddy (my running partner’s daughter) turned 7 and had a Candy Land themed birthday party.  This candy bar was my idea of heaven!!  Her mom is so awesome and recreated the whole Candy Land board life size for all the kids to play.


Even though I was deathly sick on New Year’s Eve,   I couldn’t pass up some traditional Bagna Calda that mom sent home with the boy.  I was hoping the strong garlic and sardines would help flush the sickness out of me.   Bagna Calda is a traditional Italian dish eaten on New Year’s Eve or day.  It is basically butter,  garlic, sardines, and cream.  You dip cabbage,  celery,  or french bread in it and eat it like a dip.  It is really strong and salty and really good!!!  We aren’t Italian but growing up in a small Italian community,  this is one tradition I am glad we have adopted as one of our own.

Thankfully,  before I got sick,  I had already hit 100 miles for the month of December so I hit my goal!

My grand total of my running stash for the year is $1073!  I can’t believe I ran that many miles.  Ireland,  here I come!

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Feel better soon! Impressive mileage this year! Can’t wait to follow along with your 2014 runs and vacations!


  2. Oh no, you got sick too!!! That sucks. I started coming down sick NYE and was out for the count starting New Year’s day…so at least I got to enjoy my NYE beer. :-( I’m just now starting to feel human again. And I love how much money you’ve earned this year from running. You so totally rock!!


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