Out of shape

Starting off the new year with the flu and a major snowstorm has left me uninspired where running is concerned (and apparently blogging too!).   The nagging cough still lingers and is so annoying.   This is my first full week back to work so I decided to get back in to my routine and make my way back to my favorite dance fitness classes.  Note to self:  Never take 2 months off again!!  My whole body is sooo sore!  It is amazing how out of shape you can get in just 2 months.

After 4 months in a row of running 100+ miles,  I have been slacking BAD this month.  I have only run 3 times since the first of the year.   My DVR’ed shows are calling my name.  I am close to breaking my own rule of only watching T.V on the treadmill.   Hopefully my soreness will be gone tomorrow so I can run and watch Biggest Loser.   Fingers crossed!


After all the snow we have had already this winter,  I can’t wait to get away for some sunshine and beach time in a couple of weeks.  Scheduling a warm weather vacation this time of year is so needed!  Hopefully this trip will re-inspire me to get back to running more often.  Who can resist a run along the beach?

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Are you guys heading to Florida again? That’ll be awesome, and good inspiration to run when it’s in such a beautiful setting!


  2. I feel you!!!! I have been totally unmotivated to leave the house with all of the snow and cold. Today I had to because I was babysitting for a friend and it took me an hour to get there and i passed TONS of accidents. Blah! Where are you spring???


  3. I love a run along the beach. That would most definitely inspire me to get out and run!!!!!


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