Flip flops and tank tops

The boy and I packed up and headed south to spend the next 2 weeks in the deep south of Florida and I must say that it is sooooooo nice to be wearing flip flops and tank tops instead of boots and scarves!!  First thing on the agenda,  you ask?

-To give this thing a bath!  Once we got to Georgia,  we stuck out like a sore thumb.  The only other dirty cars on the road were the other midwesterners heading the same direction as us!  I never gave much thought to the fact that cars in the south are much cleaner than ours.


Another thing I learned on this trip is that apparently only people from Indiana dip their breadsticks in cheese sauce.  We asked for cheese to go with our sticks at a Pizza Hut in Cocoa Beach and a boy behind the counter quickly asked us if we were from Indiana.   I had to do a double take just to make sure I didn’t know him.  How could he possibly know that from one simple request?  The people behind the counter said that it must be a Midwest thing because they don’t even order cheese to serve at their store.   Strange the little things we learn while we travel!!

We were in Key West the last 3 nights which I am happy to say inspired me to run 6 miles along the ocean.  Yeah!  I even did 50 burpees after my run.


I would like to say that I ran more but I can’t.  After my one and only run,  my right hip started acting up again so I used that as an excuse to eat, drink, and be happy!


We took our little buddy up to Duval Street to walk with us one night.  For 14 1/2 years old,  he does pretty well navigating the sidewalks around all the people.  That is definitely something we couldn’t have done with him when he was younger!  He would have been yapping and trying to jump on people.  Age mellows everyone out,  I guess.

We stopped at Anne’s Beach on the way out of the Keys today.  The water is just too gorgeous to resist.  It was pretty warm too.



The rest of our time down here will be spent in Fort Lauderdale.  I am so thankful to be enjoying some sunshine and warm temperatures for a change.  Winter has been brutal this year and it’s not over yet!

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Anne’s Beach looks so dreamy! Glad you guys are having fun and soaking up the sun!
    That’s too bad about your hip; I’m happy to hear you’re not letting it affect your holiday for the worse, only for the better!
    Wow- 14 and a half?! That’s awesome he’s still out and about with you guys enjoying life! I bet he loves the warmer climate :)


    • I am trying to soak up enough sun to last the rest of the winter!! Riley is loving it too. Although a walk around the block in the afternoon is enough to wear him out for a while!


  2. I think it’s hilarious the guy in the restaurant knew where you were from!!! BTW, totally jealous of your scenery. I think we need to go to the beach soon!!!


  3. I am soooo jealous of your 6 mile run. Key west has to be amazing right now so I hope you are enjoying every minute. I’m about to post more snow photos and may be snowed in yet again today!


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