Cool kid

Shoutout to my friend,  Jac,  over at Challenged and Running in the Bike Lane for sending me a pair of Koss earphones to try.  Really,  the truth is,  she had a raffle and I didn’t win so I whined about it she sent me a pair anyways (because she is cool nice like that!).  Thanks again,  Jac!!

I can not keep regular earbuds in my ears so I have a pair of cheap,  old school,  over- the- head earphones that I run with  (Hey…I have never claimed to be a cool kid!) so I was pretty excited to give these a try.


They are called FlexFit and they are made exclusively for women.  They even came with different size earbuds too.  I used the size that came on them already.  I used them for my 6 mile run along the beach and they definitely block out most other sounds.   It is noisy on our end of the beach with the airport and fighter jets that fly over and I heard nothing!!  It was almost unnerving,  at first!  I guess I am use to the external noises that leak in around my granny headphones.   By the end of my run,  I was so use to the them that I couldn’t even feel them anymore.  They were definitely different than what I am use to but in a good way.


I sat down at my computer tonight to watch Biggest Loser and tried using the boy’s earbuds since they were right there and convenient but I just couldn’t do it.


 Lazy,  old me got my butt up and fished these headphones out of my suitcase…..Now that is saying something,  if you know me at all!

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  1. Wha ha ha, you are HILARIOUS!!!!! I wear my Koss all day long at work, they are a lifesaver. It is a bit unnerving how much they block out noise when I run so I have to turn down the volume on my music just so I can hear the street around me. Or…I run with one bud in and one bud out. :-) I’m glad you liked them enough to get your lazy butt up and fish them out of the suitcase!!


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