Allergic to WINTER

The week before we left for Florida,  I was battling a cold that just wouldn’t go away.   Once in Florida,  it vanished!  But guess what?  The minute I returned,   so did the stupid cold!  I am beginning to think that maybe it is really allergies and I am allergic to WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Guess that means that I need to make a permanent move down south!!  Sunshine and warmth must be the answer.


Me at Anne’s Beach

After our days spent in Key West,   we stayed in Fort Lauderdale for 10 nights.


Gorgeous view from our hotel


Love this place!  BurgerFi!!  Fast food that serves draft beer.

We headed to Miami on Tuesday so that I could do an 8 mile run with the Raven.    On the way,  we were sideswiped by a dump truck that shattered our driver’s side mirror.  UGH!!  Luckily no one was hurt and we still made it to South Beach in time for me to catch up to Raven and get my 8 miles in.

After the run,  I was looking forward to eating at Serendipity 3 on Lincoln Road.  They have a sandwich that I crave!!  Imagine my dismay when I get there and my sandwich is not on the menu.  The waiter said that my favorite sandwich didn’t go over well with the Miami crowd so they axed it from the menu.  Bummer!!

They are known for their amazing desserts so I decided to skip dinner and try out a sundae.


The Black and White Sundae.  No words!!  I ate it all!!

Our last full day in Florida,  we took all day and drove up A1A from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville.  It was such a fun day.  I don’t think I can ever get enough of that state!


All that traveling wore my little buddy out!!  He loves the warm weather but I could tell that he was definitely glad to be home.

Now that I am home,   I need to find my motivation to start running again.  While I was on vacation,  my running buddy talked me into a new half marathon in March in Chicago called the Get Lucky Half.   At the rate I am going,  the 3 hour time limit scares me….I better get busy!!!

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  1. That burger and sundae look DELISH!!! And a 3 hour time limit for a half – I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m a very slow runner!


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