Huge hit

Yesterday was National Running Day so,  naturally,  I had to celebrate by running.  Shocker,  I know!  I ran 6 miles and I am still trying to push my mileage since the Alaska half marathon is about 3 weeks away.

The month of May flew by.  Every weekend was full of some type of activity.  Grad parties,  graduation,  dance recitals.

My sister did an awesome job on my niece’s grad party.  She even had a photo booth which was a huge hit!



We even benefited from all the leftover food and candy from the candy bar!


The party was almost a month ago and we are still eating leftover candy!


All that partying wore the old dog out!  Here he is sleeping in his favorite spot.  In the truck!

The month of June is going to be just as busy for me.   This weekend we are attending the Wine Festival in Indy and I can’t wait.  #drunkenweekend!!  Then 2 weeks later I leave for Anchorage.  No wonder the summer goes by so quickly!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Photobooths are so fun! What a great grad party!
    Wow- your race is coming up so quickly!! Hope you’re having a fun weekend in Indy :)


  2. Photo booths are always a hit! I’m excited about your trip to Alaska!


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