Heavy curtains

It is hard to believe that after all the planning and anticipating that my Alaska trip is over already.  We had such a great trip and I was surprised by how beautiful it is there.  Not so sure I would want to visit in the winter but it was absolutely gorgeous in the summer.

The trip started off a little rocky with bad weather in Minneapolis.  Once we landed,  we were running through the airport to catch our connection.  Good thing we caught it since it was the only flight out that day to Anchorage.  I was pleasantly surprised at the gate when I was upgraded to first class.  Being a Starwood Platinum member definitely came in handy!  Michel wasn’t upgraded since we were flying on separate tickets but she insisted I take it and enjoy!  So I did!!


My veggie omelet and croissant.  I really wanted to order a drink but it just seemed too early for a beer.  Never thought I would say that!  :)

After settling into our hotel and hitting the expo,  we shopped around town a little bit and had a late lunch.


But we didn’t have any of that!  All the peppers and onions cooking smelled good but I just wasn’t so sure how good the actual sausage would be.


There was even a little Russian shop.  And no,  you can’t really see Russia from there!

We actually ran in to my seatmate from the plane when we were walking around town.  How random is that?  A strange guy waving at us on the street corner…..awkward!  Until I realized who he was.


The view from our hotel room

Being the Summer Solstice,  it didn’t  get completely dark out at night.  We had to pull the heavy curtains at night.   It was so weird.  I kept getting up at random times to look outside.  Almost like I didn’t believe it would actually stay light out.  :)


The next day,  we took a bus trip to Portage Glacier.


It was about a 2 hour bus ride and an hour boat ride.  We also stopped at a wildlife conservation on the way back.



Luckily,  this was the only bear that we saw on the whole trip and it was behind a fence so it couldn’t eat us!  You may think I am being rather dramatic about the whole bear eating us thing but I have proof that I am not.  Michel spotted this sign at Kenai Fjords National Park one day.  I must admit that I laughed out loud quite a bit at this!!  Probably not the intended reaction though!


We had awesome weather throughout the whole trip (except for the morning of the race but more on that in the race recap post).  We could even see the tip of Mount McKinley from the hotel one afternoon.


If you look really close along the ridge of the green,  you can see what looks like a cloud coming out it (more to the left than the right of the picture).  Yep,  that’s Mt. McKinley.  I saw it.  That is all that matters,  right.  Definitely hard to see!!

I still have pictures of a day trip to Seward that we took and a race recap to be posted shortly.  Just didn’t want to over do it all in one post!!

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One response to this post.

  1. That’s awesome you were upgraded to first class!
    Looks gorgeous there! I think I would have kept waking up to look out the window, too :)
    When I was younger I learned a great rhyme about bears: If it’s black, fight back. If it has a hump, turn into a lump. (however, grizzlies can be black, too…you have to know the difference in their appearance, like a grizzly hump.)
    Can’t wait to hear about your race and the rest of your trip!


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