Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon June 2014

Once we were settled in our hotel in Anchorage,  we headed over to the Sheraton to the packet pick up for the half marathon.  For whatever reason,  the longest line was the line that we needed.  Everyone was in the same line!  The only thing that we received were our bibs.  The t-shirts were to be given out once we finished the race.  They had a few vendors set up selling stuff and someone dressed up as a moose for photo ops (which we passed on).

The night before the race,  we found some pasta at Fletcher’s restaurant in the Captain Cook hotel.  Oh yeah,  and we found some beer too!  Carbs,  gotta have it!

We woke up to pouring down rain but luckily  we had both brought our Disney ponchos with us so we were prepared.  Of all the races we have ran,  this is the first time we have had to run in the rain.  Can’t complain about that.  My Nike hat was also my saving grace.  I never run in a hat but it definitely kept the rain from hitting me full on!


Not real pretty but very practical.  We ran the whole race in our ponchos!!


We walked about 10 blocks to the starting line.  There was also a full marathon but it started at a different location at a different time.


Most of the race was ran on a bike trail and had quite a few hills too.  We ran along a runway at one point and the rain and wind was the worst there.  Little did we know what was waiting for us after that!


Seriously?  Did I sign up for a mud run and not realize it?  This muddy mess went on for about a mile!  Talk about dangerous.  Someone obviously didn’t think this course through.  We are on the left side in our white ponchos about half way up the picture.  I have a pink hat on.

After dealing with that mess,  we were rewarded with a moose sighting!  So we absolutely had to stop and take a selfie!


Totally tourist thing to do!

Once back on the bike trail,  we made our way back to Anchorage and the finish line.  By then,  the rain had stopped but taking the ponchos off at that point would have taken up too much energy (which I had none left) so they stayed put!  I felt good overall throughout the whole race until close the end.  The downhills started bothering my left knee but it quickly came out of it once we were done with the race.


After getting our medals and our t-shirts,  we visited the beer garden at the finish to enjoyed our free beer and some awesome cookies and cinnamon bread that they were handing out.  We didn’t hang around long though.   After being out in the rain and cold all morning,  I just wanted to get back to the hotel and take a hot shower!


My overall finish time was 2:50:32.  Not a time to brag about,  by any means, but considering the hills,  the rain, the mud mile and the moose,  I can’t be too upset about it!  Plus it was in ALASKA!! How cool is that?

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my gosh! That is SO cool! Congrats on your Alaskan race. Hope you had an amazing trip!


  2. That is so super cool!! But that muddy trail doesn’t look fun at all! Glad you had your ponchos, it was pretty genius of you to run with them on!


  3. Congratulations on your race! Crazy you wore your ponchos the entire time :)
    And crazy how slick that mud would have been! Sounds like you guys enjoyed it despite the rain!


  4. Posted by Mariajose on July 8, 2014 at 4:23 am

    Congrats on your race! I can’t believe you wore your poncho the whole race, I would’ve died. lol Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I would find that so uncomfortable. Kuddos to you! :D


  5. How cool! Would love to go Alaska!


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