Doggone fun

Usually after running a race,  we are in a hurry to get back home.  It was so nice in Anchorage to have all day after the race to hang out and enjoy the Summer Solstice celebration.   Having no definite plans for the rest of the day was awesome!

We wondered through the flea markets and had a late lunch at the Snow Goose.  Later that night,  there was a free concert just down the street from our hotel.  The headlining band was the Spin Doctors.


This is the part where I would love to tell you that it was an awesome concert and the Spin Doctors killed it but I just can’t do that…..because after sitting on the ground and listening to an opening act that we didn’t care for and hearing that there was another opener before Spin Doctors,  we decided to call it a night and go have a drink at the hotel.   Don’t be jealous of our hard partying ways,  LOL!

The next morning,  we were up early to catch a train to Seward.  If in Alaska,  a train ride is a definite must!  Some of the most amazing views you will ever see!  I finally just stopped taking pictures.  It was almost overwhelming.



The train ride took 4 hours.  We saw some sheep and a couple moose (and a million gorgeous views!).

Once we arrived in Seward,  we were picked up by Seavey’s Ididaride excursions.  We chose to do the Real Alaska tour package which was a 6 hour tour.

Our first stop was at the Seavey ranch to see the sled dogs,  play with some puppies and go for a ride with the dogs.





Our guide at Seavey’s had actually run the Iditarod so he had a lot of cool stories to tell.

Lunch was included in our tour and after all that doggone fun,  I was hungry!!  :)

We needed to fuel up because our next stop was Kenai Fjords National Park where we were going to hike up to Exit Glacier.

Our guide took us on a pretty strenuous hike (that the rangers of the park would not have approved of) to make sure that we all got to get up close and personal with the glacier.  That hike was so much fun.  Highlight of the trip!!  It was so cool to touch the glacier!



Our last stop was to see some salmon.  I couldn’t get enough of watching those crazy fish jump upstream!


Trying to catch them in the act proved to be somewhat difficult!  I know they told us a lot of facts about the fish but I was too focused on getting the perfect shot to really pay attention.  #sadtruth

After a short driving tour of the town of Seward,  our driver dropped us at the bus station where we caught a bus back to Anchorage.  It was such a fun day!


I ended it with a flight of beer at the Glacier Brewhouse.  What a great way to try different beers and not have to commit to one!

We had a full day of traveling home on Monday.  As luck would have it,  I was upgraded to first class again from Anchorage to Minneapolis.  As much as I would have loved to take advantage of everything first class had to offer,  I pretty much slept most of the flight.  Guess I was exhausted!

I always assumed Alaska was just another state to mark off my bucket list but I could definitely see myself going back there some time (after I have seen the rest of the world).

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like an amazing day! Those puppies :) and how cool to see the salmon jump?
    Glad you had such a wonderful trip!


  2. Very cool!!! I really want to take the Disney Cruise to Alaska!!! And now I really, really want to!!! :-)


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